About Us

Singmala Tours & Travel is equipped with a team of dedicated professionals and supported by an excellent infrastructure. At Singmala Tours & Travel, we are committed to offering you the very best. We will guide you to all that is special about Bhutan, whether it is losing you gazing at beautiful snowcapped mountains or being a part of the country’s colorful festivals or simply experiencing happiness the Bhutanese way. We are here to help you make your journey into an enchanted country worthwhile.

Licensed by the Bhutanese government and registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan, Singmala Tours & Travel was started to introduce the “Last Shangrila” to international travelers through an unforgettable sojourn of discovery and learning. Our tour packages offer you a wealth of experiences. We do offer a wide choice of tour packages. Be it a cultural tour, or a trek high up into the mountains, or to observe a local festival, we are ever raring to go. We also do have specialized packages like filming, bird watching, biking, river rafting, culinary tour, to mention a few.

The decision to identify our tourism company with this name and essence springs from the fact that Bhutan is no lesser than an abode of the Gods. For it is not Bhutanese and promoters of the kingdom alone who draw connections between Bhutan and the sacred; probably the world’s only unsoiled soul, but all visitors who have had the pleasure and privilege to step onto this mysterious land.

Singmala Tours & Travel is committed to providing its clients an unmatched experience as they travel through the jewel in the world’s crown. Looking through the lenses provided by Singmala Tours & Travel, one will realize why Bhutan can justifiably be equated with the God’s abode. In doing so, you will be traveling through landscapes reflecting the descriptions in poems about Nature; you will be inhaling uncontaminated air; you will meet people who seemed to have taken an oath to smile forever. You will find yourselves in an entirely different world, a world you will fall in love with and one that will invade your subconscious mind and become its major portrait.
Singmala Tours & Travel has been established to cater and offer an unmatched service to its clients as they discover the beauty and mystery of Bhutan. While its main office is located in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city, the company’s network goes beyond Bhutan’s boundaries.

Tariff Details

Peak Season: (March, April, May, September, October and November)

  • USD 290 per person per night for 1 pax.
  • USD 280 per person per night for 2 pax.
  • USD 250 per person per night for 3 and above.

Low Season: (January, February, June, July, August and December)

  • USD 240 per person per night for 1 pax.
  • USD 230 per person per night for 2 pax.
  • USD 200 per person per night for 3 and above.

If you have further queries, contact us at:

  • Bhutan Tour Operator: Singmala Tours & Travel
  • E-mail: singmalatoursandtravel@gmail.com
  • Website: www.singmalatoursandtravel.com
  • Mobile: +00975 17326162/17439930